The digital graffiti wall uses state-of-the-art digital technology to recreate an authentic graffiti experience on a big screen. A modified spray paint can ‘sprays’ infrared light which is tracked by a computer vision system, with the digital ‘paint’ appearing wherever the can is sprayed.

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A 7 second video is recorded and turned into 60 photos printed, cut, & stapled together with a cover customized specifically for your event in less than 90 seconds!
Flip Books creates the excitement as your guests interact and enjoy watching the flip books being filmed.

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Green Screen | Open Air Booths Photo Lounge
Our open air booths are stylish, can handle larger groups, photo and video enabled with standard backdrops or green screen.
Social media intergration via our upload stations and live feeds to AV solutions

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Hashtag Printing allows you to set a hashtag(ie, #your event) to be monitored on Instagram. Guests can take photos on their own smartphones, images uploaded to Instagram with the specified hashtag will be downloaded & available to be printed on our hashtag printer application.

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Create user generated content that speaks for your brand with rich, vivid images that visually engage people.
See how our social media integration solutions, social media apps and facebook widgets can effectively support your brands’ digital campaign.

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Our Live Print caters for the generation that loves selfies and needs instant gratification. Like a Polaroid, only better.
Guests have photos taken from roving photographers or at photo stations. Images are sent to printers for guests to pick up in less than 15 seconds.

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